About Me

Hey there, my name is Joey Crundwell and this is my website. I set this up as a place to leisurely write about video games. I study video games and write about them at Northern Illinois University, but I wanted a venue to write more freely about various thoughts and personal experiences with games.

​Of which I have many, seeing as how some of my earliest memories in life are of playing my family’s ColecoVision and Bally Astrocade. Video games have been such an important part of my history and the fabric of who I am, and I love writing about them. Much of what I post will likely be less than cogent, bordering on rambling, but I don’t have any specific audience in mind for this site. I’m not looking to teach anyone anything or make any grand observations. I’ll just be writing what I feel like writing.

​That probably makes me sound like a bit of a grumpy old man, but whatever. Get off my virtual lawn. Unless you want to hear me talk about video games. Then you can pull up a chair and I’ll spin you some yarns. Okay, that metaphor officially ran away from me.

E-Mail: joey.crundwell@gmail.com